Prop money

prop money

The best quality New Style $ Full Print prop money stack for TV, films, commercials, music videos, photography, training and promotional use. Prop Money: Featured on: Wolf of Wall Street, Let's be Cops, Fargo, Mena, Triple 9, Ozark, Survivors Remorse, Fifty Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Young Dolph, Good. New Series $10, Full Print, Aged Style Money Stack of aged $ bills. Professionally Designed, Hand Crafted Props. Each bill is dyed and distressed to. Championsleague tipps - Fridays 9am - 5pm EST QUESTIONS? If it looks too real, it's probably illegal. Each bill is dyed and distressed to match the color and texture of Real Used Currency. GREAT for fanning and flashing. The MOST REALISTIC Treasury Stack is made from REAL MONEY.


✅This Motion Picture Movie Prop Money - Fake Cash Unboxing prop money

Prop money - Double

It looks like bills in a stack. Ideal for cheap piles of money, and low-cost money in a duffle bag or briefcase. It's designed to look clearly unreal if a cashier looks at it closer than 3'. If you need help with camera placement, lighting, or tips, call me. Colors are designed lighter than real currency for color correction ease.


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